Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Oh Deer!

I'm Gold is definitely a go to color for home decor accessories this year. I've seen the gold in my magazines and in my home decor stores. I must say I'm loving it! I am not however loving the high price of these fancy shmancy elegant gold pieces. As I was browsing around the internet this is what I was considerably seeing...
Now, I'm sorry but I'm just not paying $72 for an accessory that is gonna sit on a shelf. So, began my thrift store hunt. I went to one of my favorite goodwill stores first. You will never believe what I found. 
Yes! It's true! Just sitting there staring at me with his big bugged eyes and for only $3.99!!! Be still my heart. I was so excited. My next mission was to decide how to get him to turn him into my most treasured Gold accessory. I could do the obvious and use a metallic spray paint. But, I didn't want a really high shine on this piece. I wanted him to look heavy and aged. So, then I thought, what about gold leafing him? It could work. I went to hobby lobby and went to the isle with the gold leaf supplies. After looking at it, I knew that was going to be a messy job with all the ridges my deer had. That's when I saw the liquid Gold leaf paint. This would be perfect. It was exactly what I needed and only $4.99. Off I went to begin my project. I scrubbed Mr. Buck with a nail brush and some dawn then dried him off completely. I painted my first coat of the gold leaf paint and let it dry. I put it under my work light so that I could see any spots I may have missed and applied a second coat. With all the creases and crevasse I wanted to make sure I had him covered. After allowing the second coat to dry completely I went back and touched up around the eyes and a few other spots I'd missed. For a under $10 here is how he turned out...
I personally think he looks like a million bucks! Pun definitely intended.☺☺Lol. 
The gold leaf paint I used was by Precious Metals. It was the perfect consistency. It says odorless but there is still a light odor nothing crazy but it is present. They also carry a silver and a bronze at Hobby Lobby and I can't wait to try those colors as well. These paints would be great to use on canvas or trimming out a dresser. They are very versatile. I'm totally stoked about my new deer!!
I hope you enjoyed my little project.
I'll chat with ya'll again soon,