Sunday, March 22, 2015

Promo on Life Style with Denise Simons

I'm still beside myself with joy about all the opportunities that have presented themselves over the last few month. 
NoBull Vintage has been working hard to promote our cancer charity, DIY, handmade, salvage, vintage, antique, boutique, and local business market event, An Artisan Affair.
One of the wonderful opportunities we've had was to promote NoBull Vintage and An Artisan Affair on the home show, Life Style with Denise Simons. The show airs on channel 5 and 5+.
 Life Style with Denise Simons

After a quick call to our friends at Modern Masters Inc. who I met last year at the Haven Conference I was able to come up with a great "get ready for spring" How-To. Using Modern Masters Metal Effects paint, with the bronze and blue patina paints, I was able to re-create a beautiful front porch urn that is ready for spring planting! 
To begin we cleaned inside and out this worn out old urn planter.
I did a simple dawn and water cleaning with a wash cloth to prep. I thoroughly dried the urn and suited up in my safety apparel. Safety First is always a priority for NoBull Vinatge and family. I wore gloves, goggles, and a mask since I was indoors. Now, I was ready for my base coat.
The base coat of Modern Masters metal effects primer is extremely important for protecting your original surface. It is best to apply two coats of primer, allowing first coat to dry completely before applying second coat.(approx. 30 minute dry time) 
Primer can be applied to metal, wood, masonry, brick, and plaster.

I applied the primer with a paint brush using an X pattern. You can apply primer with a roller or sprayer also. Always be sure to follow the directions.
After two coats of the primer were applied and dry I was ready for the 2nd coat using the Metal Effects oxidizing bronze paint.
This oxidizing bronze can be applied in the same ways as the primer. I again went with a paint brush using an X pattern. I applied the first coat and allowed it to dry completely it took about 45 minutes. Then I went in for my second coat. 
With the second coat still wet you will apply your green or blue patina.

I chose the blue patina. The patina solution can be applied with a brush, sea sponge, or spritzer cap. I sprayed it on using the spritzer cap that was included. After spritzing I went back over with a sea sponge in the more heavily sprayed areas. I used the sponge just to add different textures to some areas.

 The above photo is during the process. You may choose to do more or less patina. The great thing about Modern Master metal effects is that each project is customizable to your preference.
Modern Masters is truly one of my favorite companies to work with. They are always helpful and their products are fun to use and always have a beautiful out come with outstanding durability. Modern masters did supply the products for this project but only because I reached out to them. It was my love of their products that led to this post. I was not paid for this post or promotion of this  product. These opinions are all mine.

If you'd like more information on Modern Masters products please comment and ask.

I will happily direct you to more videos and information about Modern Masters. 

If you'd like to try this product first hand your in luck! We are having a giveaway!!!

Winner Will Receive:
One - 4fl. oz. Primer
One - 4fl. oz. blue patina
One - 6fl. oz. oxidizing bronze
One - spritzer cap

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Oh Deer!

I'm Gold is definitely a go to color for home decor accessories this year. I've seen the gold in my magazines and in my home decor stores. I must say I'm loving it! I am not however loving the high price of these fancy shmancy elegant gold pieces. As I was browsing around the internet this is what I was considerably seeing...
Now, I'm sorry but I'm just not paying $72 for an accessory that is gonna sit on a shelf. So, began my thrift store hunt. I went to one of my favorite goodwill stores first. You will never believe what I found. 
Yes! It's true! Just sitting there staring at me with his big bugged eyes and for only $3.99!!! Be still my heart. I was so excited. My next mission was to decide how to get him to turn him into my most treasured Gold accessory. I could do the obvious and use a metallic spray paint. But, I didn't want a really high shine on this piece. I wanted him to look heavy and aged. So, then I thought, what about gold leafing him? It could work. I went to hobby lobby and went to the isle with the gold leaf supplies. After looking at it, I knew that was going to be a messy job with all the ridges my deer had. That's when I saw the liquid Gold leaf paint. This would be perfect. It was exactly what I needed and only $4.99. Off I went to begin my project. I scrubbed Mr. Buck with a nail brush and some dawn then dried him off completely. I painted my first coat of the gold leaf paint and let it dry. I put it under my work light so that I could see any spots I may have missed and applied a second coat. With all the creases and crevasse I wanted to make sure I had him covered. After allowing the second coat to dry completely I went back and touched up around the eyes and a few other spots I'd missed. For a under $10 here is how he turned out...
I personally think he looks like a million bucks! Pun definitely intended.☺☺Lol. 
The gold leaf paint I used was by Precious Metals. It was the perfect consistency. It says odorless but there is still a light odor nothing crazy but it is present. They also carry a silver and a bronze at Hobby Lobby and I can't wait to try those colors as well. These paints would be great to use on canvas or trimming out a dresser. They are very versatile. I'm totally stoked about my new deer!!
I hope you enjoyed my little project.
I'll chat with ya'll again soon,