Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Flannels For everyone!

Flannels are timeless. Though they may flourish in popularity and come and go as the "it" piece of fashion they are always a must have in the closet. I was a teen in the 90's when flannel was a huge fashion statement and I for one have never been able to let it go. Now, I find it to be a more functional piece of clothing, but functional and fashionable can go hand in hand. Duluth Trading Co. has done just that. They have in my opinion created the perfect line of flannels. A fit for everyone.
Let me begin at the beginning. I met some people from Duluth at a DIY Blogger event called Haven. Some of the kindest, most informative people you'll ever meet. The were handing out their Longer LongTail T' Shirts. So, of course I snagged one with no idea that this little baby would be my new favorite piece of apparel. These shirts are amazing. They are 2" longer than ordinary T's so with all the bending, crouching, squatting, and reaching I do its nice to have a shirt that keeps me covered. If you're a mother running kids, a DIYer getting things done, a horseman, a farmer, or a fashionista, looking for quality & comfort combined with fashion friendly, this is a must have for your wardrobe. I think what I love most is the longevity of this top. In my opinion this is a season-less shirt. I've since ordered several more and not only were they great during spring, summer, and fall, they are awesome to throw under your flannel for extra warmth in the winter months. For more details, colors and prices check out Duluth Trading Co.
This however brings me back to how I found the flannels. After one of my Longer Long tail T purchases I received a catalog from Duluth while looking through it and drooling over all the awesome clothing and leather bags, I came across their flannels. So, I gave my friends at Duluth a call. I told them how much I enjoyed my other shirts and that I'd love to try the flannels. They kindly and generously offered to send myself and my husband one to try out. OMG!  We haven't taken them off! This isn't your average flannel. It's special!!! It's for the fashion conscious and the rough and tough worker. The Built in Duluthflex allows you to move freely with out constrictions. This is a big deal to me. When I'm working on my house or rounding up horses I need comfort and the ease and ability to move around. It is super light yet keeps you warm on those cold breezy days. There are so many styles to choose from it would take more than one blog post to fill you in. So you must visit Duluth Trading Co. online store and check out all the various options and choose which one is best suits you.
I wouldn't write a post on flannels if I didn't truly believe this is one of the best pieces of clothing I've ever owned. When I purchase something like this I expect it to look good after a thousand washes and hold up against extreme work conditions and this flannel has done that. I've worked my horses in it, Rehabbed my house in it (for details visit www.rehabbingshacklett.com), torn down a barn in it, and then I've worn it on family outings. I believe in the quality of Duluth and I will be going back for more and you should too! Below are a few pictures of our adventures in our Duluth Trading Co. Flannels. Thank You Duluth! #I️MyDuluth