Wednesday, September 24, 2014

In This House Sign

This week was my moms birthday. I had to come up with a gift. I remembered a sign she saw back in June that she told me she really liked and being the craft lover that I am I decided to make my own version. You've all seen them, they are everywhere. In This House We.... fill in 5 to however many sayings. Well mom saw one she really liked. The colors were all wrong for her decor so I decided to once again go rouge and here is what I did.

I started by trimming up a few pieces of scrap pine boards I had to my desired lengths, I sometimes use pallet or old barn wood for these types of projects but I wanted this one to be a bit cleaner and less rustic so the pine board was perfect.
I cut them to size, sanded them, and staggered them to my preference.

Then  I flipped it over and added two more slats vertically. I used my Ryobi Airstriker to nail the slats in place. I felt after this that the boards seemed a bit loose still so a good idea would be to use wood glue on the vertical slats before nailing them into place.

After the slats were all attached I painted the wood white with Annie Sloan Old White. I only used one coat because when I sanded I wanted it to be slightly distressed. I then selected the words I wanted to  and using word I printed them out in my chosen fonts on scrap book paper. I used different patterns for each one, but they were all in the same color family. I tore each one out. I tore because I wanted that tattered look you cant get with scissors.

I glued the words down with Modge Podge and the went back with a stencil and added some feathery looking stencils to the edges with some left over sample paint I had. After everything was dry and in place I lightly (very lightly) went back over the entire thing with some light brown Briwax. I used a paint brush and made sure to hit corners and edges a little extra, I loved this because it gave off an almost burnt look to the edges.

Pictured below are all the products and tools I used for this project.

I added a little wire to the back for hanging. Just a bit of wire and a staple gun and voila!

Finally for a little something extra I added a gold bow to the corner. Just took a little hot glue and voila! All finished.

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