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How to survive 18 years of marriage, the ultimate DIY project!

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10 Year wedding Anniversary

This will not be a typical NoBull Vintage post. I would say marriage is the ultimate DIY project. So, in honor of my upcoming 18 year wedding anniversary. I would like to answer the most often asked question I get. 
"How do you do it?"
Adam and I will celebrate 18 years of marriage this weekend. It has been an absolutely incredible 18 years.

 We've celebrated the highest of highs (I believe we'd agree that the birth of three beautiful and healthy children top that list), and endured some very lows. But, no matter what we face we always face it together. Things are not always blissful or easy. I think what helps us stay strong is that we have always chosen to wait out the storms and hold on to those blissful moments during hard times. We don't make impulsive decisions about our relationship or our family. We have chosen forgiveness over harboring anger. We have chosen to wrap our arms around each other instead of pointing fingers. There have been tough times and I'm not too naive to believe there won't be any more. I also know there are a stellar amount of good moments to be had.

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I appreciate that when my own children ask me who my first love was I can honestly and easily look across the room and say he's right there. We lean on our faith during times of weakness and we lean on each other. We spend more time together than apart. We still hold hands and kiss. We give compliments and say thank you. Of course, we get angry and disagree and it has taken many years to grow up enough to walk away. We've seen so many failed marriages and we do our best to listen and learn from others experiences. We try and surround ourselves with people who are supportive of our marriage. It can be very difficult when you have negative influences pulling you apart. We make an effort to do things the other enjoys, while also allowing one another to have personal time. Parenting can also put a lot of pressure on a marriage. We try to discuss everything between the two of us before talking with the children so that we are on the same page. We are very supportive of each other and we have worked very hard to be where we are today. We are both very proud of all we've been through and how we've managed to make it this far. Who knew 18 years later we'd be happier as a couple than we've ever been. So, I suppose my simple answer to the question "how do you do it?" would be Endurance, Forgiveness, Love,  & Affection. Still with all that said there is no magic answer. We feel so blessed to have made it this far and can only pray that our marriage is strong enough to stand the test of time. We are grateful to all who have stood beside us and supported us through the years. Happy anniversary to us and cheers to many more!!!


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  1. Omg the pics are great. Adam has hair! Lol Seriously happy anniversary!