Saturday, December 7, 2013

Just a reminder a big event calls for early planning.
It will be June again before we know it.
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JUNE 12th-13th-14th 2014
-Cancer Charity Event-
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

More fun with food

Today we had more fun with food! I tried a French toast casserole I found on Pinterest. 
The husband loved it, unfortunately my kids were not as thrilled. Everyone ate it but the kids said "you don't have to make that again mom". Probably not a good sign. They complained it was too crunchy on top and soggy on bottom. If any of you have great French toast casserole recipes you think are great, I'd love to try them!
Then this evening we made a little Thanksgiving Eve treat. You can find pics of these all over the internet but the kids and I have been making these for school thanksgiving parties since my almost 17 year old was in kindergarten. They are easy, cute, & fun! They are nutter butter & Hershey's kisses acorns.
They are easy peasy! Just use Nutella or peanut butter to stick your cookies to your kisses and chocolate chips. Like I said cute, easy & fun!
Bring on tomorrow! 😋

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Crafting with food😀

Cole, my middle, had a school project. He had to use goods from the old and new world. He was assigned strawberries and bananas. So I went brain storming (I got on Pinterest) and a few seconds later u cam across the cutest seasonal thing to make with fruit that's not exactly in season. Oh it was a great idea but after paying $7 for a bag of grapes and giving an arm for strawberries I started to question just how cute this was gonna be😁. Anyway here is Cole slicing away.
And what it was that we decided to do was these little Grinch kabobs. They are ao cute and can also be found on Pinterest. The link I had didn't go anywhere but the picture kinda says it all.
So cute and we made 35 of them. Cute fruit and festive. I love it.😄

Friday, November 15, 2013

It will be here before we know it!!!

Just a reminder a big event calls for early planning.
It will be June again before we know it.
Sign up to participate today!
JUNE 12th-13th-14th 2014
-Cancer Charity Event-
presented by NoBull Vintage

Sunday, November 3, 2013

My latest adventure.

Have you ever met someone under the most peculiar circumstance and it turns out to be a fabulous friendship? Well, I have. I met a friend while purchasing a piece of furniture from her on Craigslist of ALL places. I know what you're thinking, it sounds crazy. However, we hit it off, started sharing dreams, hopes, and ideas only to realize we had massive amounts of creativity in common. That was only the beginning. My new friend and I were both pursuing similar goals. Friday my friend Deneen Micucci Glidwell of dreamingincolor announced the opening of her first store. Deneen and I had both been shopping around for the perfect location for a store front, always coming up empty. Deneen, while out on some everyday errands, unknowingly happened upon her perfect location. Truly a dream come true, for not only Deneen, but myself as well. You see, not only will I be in full support of dreamingincolor the store but I will be showcasing my items in her store as well. NoBull Vintage will be taking up residence inside the beautiful dreamingincolor store.  It is located in Murfreesboro and all things willing will open up in the next week, of course we will be blasting with info to let you know all the details of this fabulous and unique store. I am so proud of my friend and so excited to embark on this next adventure in my life with her.

Chat with Ya'll soon

Sunday, October 20, 2013

No Bull Vintage Fall Barn Sales and Open Air Market Photos

Sweet Tea & Shopping Fall Feenzy...

I did this show with my beautiful and talented sister-n-law Anna Lauren Hesson of Magnolia Roots.
Of course we couldn't have survived without my all time fave The Trailer Perk
I'm so looking forward to the next Sweet Tea & Shopping Event.

Then my next sweet event was Sweet Ila Mae's in Quebeck, TN.

And last but not at all least our fabulous adventure to Clarksville, TN for The Hayloft at Port Royal Batn Sale.

NoBull Vintage's Booth...

These three beauties bought their little key necklaces from NoBull Vintage! These smiles make it all worth it!

This photo was sent to me by sweet Rachel who bought this chair for her living room and doesn't it look fabulous!

The above pic is of my booth neighbor and friend Linda Stowe of Maxine Q. And here are a few more...

Linda's clothes and other items are amazing! Please look her up on Facebook. (Linda Stowe)
Also find tons more pics by Shea of the Hayloft Barn Sale at here are a few examples of her work.

This is Double The Fun. Kellie Montana and Ellie Gladden. These girls have stolen my heart. Just pure goodness and fun. Not only is their work beyond amazing they are truly a blessing to know.

The Hayloft was a blast!

What an awesome way to end our season of Barn Sales! We have enjoyed them all and they each had something special and unique about them. We meet new and talented vendors each time, as well as getting to know so many of the amazing guest! So, please mark your calendars for all the upcoming sales in your area and by handmade this holiday season!

Thank you all so much for including NoBull Vintage in your events. We truly had a blast and hope you all remember us for future sales!